Dynamic Steel Wheels

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Dynamic Wheel Co. maintains a passionate level of commitment to provide the highest quality services and quality products.
With years of expertise and knowledge in the 4x4 and automotive industry, Dynamic Wheel Co. has expanded to offer the very best alloy and steel wheels available in Australia to suit the specific needs of the Australian market.

  • Twice Machine Centred Bores - Ensure steel wheels are balanced better the first time and maintain their balance longer through the life of your wheels.
  • Thicker Centres - Stronger and less likely to bend or damage on all high load wheels. Standard Centre Rims are 4mm, Dynamic Centre Rims are 5-8mm (on all high load wheels).
  • Thicker Outer Rims - Stronger and less likelty to bend or damage on all high load wheels.
  • Standard Outer Rims are 3.5mm, Dynamic Outer Rims are 4mm (on all high load wheels).
  • Lifetime Warranty* – Dynamic Wheels are covered by a warranty which covers you against any structural or manufacturer defects for the life of the wheel.